Our company Grainis ltd. Hydrogen Bulgaria works since 2005 on projects for low-cost Hydrogen and Hybrid-Hydrogen gas fuels production out of water.

We have invented a Low-Power Water-Electrolysis (LPWE) Cell we could demonstrate anytime, producing Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas Composition with as low as 0.4 Wh/L power - a world record, 10 times lower than the best rates, shown by the world's biggest SOH-Gas Generator mass-producers today.

We work on upgrading this cell for the last 14 years, starting from discouraging 9Wh/L in 2005, produced by a huge lab setup, which we've reduced down to a tiny cell, consuming 0.4Wh/L power only, which could be multiplied into giant megawatt-scale power and fuel-generation structures without limits.


Our technology could be used in a wide range of various AeroSpace Applications as follows :

1.  Production of low-cost Hydrogen as the best Lift-Power Agent for Stratospheric Airship Platforms, placed 50km high in the Earth's atmosphere ( in the StratoPause Layer, with average temperature of 0 deg.C - the highest one detected in the upper atmospheric layers). These Platforms will contain thousands of safe, hermetic, Graphene- or Carbon-Fiber-Skin Hydrogen-Filled Containers, and used for low-orbit Satellite Observation both of the Earth and the Space, TV/Radio, Telecom, GSM, HD-GPS ("See Beyond the Bend"), Internet, etc. signal-re-translation, covering more than 1,000,000 square miles of ground area, also equipped with high-altitude Rocket LaunchPads for low-cost rocket launching to higher Orbits and Space Objects.

The Platform could be connected with the Earth by a Space Elevator, attached to a super-strong Tether, made out of Graphene or Basalt-Zirconia Fiber Composites.  There will be also pipes for water, air, MOH fuel, etc. supply, attached to the Tether.

All parts and modules of the Rockets and else space equipment will be delivered cheaply by reaction-engine Airships to the Platform, and assembled on-board there, in large, hermetized, warm-air-pumped industrial halls.

Thus we'll spare the hardest first 50 km of an on-ground rocket's launch, which are the most expensive / fuel-guzzling.

This way we'll offer the lowest possible and unbeatable competitive cost for Space Rocket Launch in the world.

Using our technologies, the Stratopause could be a home for twice more people than those living on the Earth today and a vivid Portal for regular, day-to-day rocket launches and landings.

https://airship.alle.bg , https://solargas.alle.bg/hydrogen-airship

2.  Super-economical SOH-Gas Implosion Engine for Spaceships and Space Power Generators, working on a fixed, 100% reusable and non-expendable volume of water. 

This Engine harnesses the energy of both processes, happened after a SOH Gas volume's ignition - EXPLOSION (detonation), followed by IMPLOSION ( vacuum ). Installed in a Spaceship, such a system will create Ship's Propulsion, Power and local MAGNETOSPHERE as a good Cosmic-RADIATION-Protectionreusing a fixed tank of water onlyNot a single atom of any kind of substance or matter will be thrown into the space and wasted.  All processes on the Ship will be 100% recyclable.
We have designed several engines for harnessing both processes by launching a magnetic, frictionless MAGLEV Piston in a Tube coated with Copper Coils (Linear Power Generator), generating power.  Copper Coils will be superconductive thanks to the cosmic cold conditions, thus hyper-efficient for power generation.

A Spaceship could have hundreds of Implosion tubes fixed in various positions for a better synchronizing and smoothness of the push-pull cycles and for precise adjusting the ship's course. and will be able to accelerate up to the light-speed in a few years.

Using this engine, we could travel across our Solar System and farther at incredible speeds.and at incredibly low cost.

Implosion Engine, based on the amazing property of the Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas to IMPLODE after its detonation, creating vacuum and converting the exploded gases into the same quantity of liquid water back, times and again. We’ll harness this additional force F2- gift from Mother Nature, using it to pull back a Piston, which is launched by a SOH Gas explosion, along a 300m long tube. The detonation power is many time stronger than the pull-back Force F2 of the implosion / vacuum cycle, therefore the result is creation of Positive Propulsion Force F1, pushing and accellerating the ship to its direction, without limit. A larger number of such engines installed on the ship, will mutually-balance the push-pull cycles into a smooth and calm work and will create enough force for accelerating the spaceship up to even light speed in a few years.

Putting the Tubes in various directions will allow the ship to maneuvre and precisely adjust its course. The MAGLEV Piston is made frictionless, out of an extremely powerful Permanent Neodymium Magnet, hanging inside the tube, without touching its wall. The Tube's external surface is coated by Copper Coils, which generate Power ( Tubular-Linear Power Generator - TPG ) while the magnet piston moves here and there, and which coils become super-conductive ( therefore super-effective), by the Space's cold . SOH gas is being produced out of 100%-reusable water, by a SOH Gas Generator, powered by the TPG. The Implosion Engine will produce 4-in-1 : Propulsion, Power, Heat, and Electro-Magnetic Shield - a local Magnetosphere, for Radiation Protection of the Ship and/or various neighbor facilities, reusing a fixed volume of water time and again, unlimited number of times, without emitting and wasting even a single atom of matter into the space.

A Spaceship could have hundreds of Implosion Tubes fixed in various directions, for a better synchronizing and smoothness of the push-pull cycles and for maneuvring and precise adjusting the ship's course, and will be able to accelerate up to even light-speed (and then slow-down to zero) in a few years.

Such a Spaceshipp will be assembled on, and launched from a Stratosphere Aerostatic Platform (see above on this page) at 40-50km altitude.

3.  The SOH Gas will be used for low-cost production of Basalt-Fiber Composites (BFC) - times stronger, lighter and cheaper than the Steel . This material is ideal for building any kind of Spaceships or giant Space Structures of unlimited scale, out of stone and water. It is super-strong and lightweight, Fireproof, Waterproof, Stainless, UV-Rays-proof, Thermally-insulating, Abrasion-proof, etc. -- https://basalt.alle.bg
Prefabricated BFC Modular Elements could be produced in large natural underground mining and manufacturing caves on the Moon for example ( Moon is made 2/3 out of Basalt, Earth - 1/3 ), loaded on Impulse-Engined Spaceships, launched at 2.4km/sec Lunar-escape speed from deep silos by Electric "Rail Cannons" and delivered to the Earth's Orbit, under the Earth's Magnetic Field Umbrella, and assembled into space stations and even large Settlements for Billions of Human inhabitants.
No need to fight the Earth's Gravity by expensive off-ground launching Rockets loaded with large BFC modules. It is just out of any sense.
The low-gravity on the Moon will be of a great help in all the heavy-load mining and production processes.
Underground Lunar Caves, well protected against the Space Radiation, well Hermetized and Pumped with Warm Oxygen Gas, produced out of underground Water Ice, found recently on the Moon,  will be also used for building Giant High-Class Residential Settlements with 24 LED Ligting and Tropical Gardens, Lakes, Pools, Beaches, Houses, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and various Entertainments. 
No need to mention how attractive these Lunar Colonies will be for the rich tourists from the Earth ! Giant Multi-billion incomes will come from the Tourist Services, Lunar-Souvenir Business, Lunar-Movie-making, etc.,  and pay all the expenses upon this Project. 
Scientific Research Labs and R&D Centers will bring more incomes too.
And the BFC Material will be the basic one of course, for building all the structures in these Colonies.
BFC production will become the Main Industrial Economy on the Moon

Of course, there will be also lots more else valuable and precious Ores which will be found and explored during the BFC-mining process

There is 3 Trillion Kilotones of Asteroid and Meteorite Mass, ADDED to the Moon during the millions of years of  its existance. So we could start with that mass if we want to develop asteroid-mining.  https://asteroid-mining.alle.bg

We can build an entire Earth 2.0 Giant Colony in the space, for hundreds of billions of humans, with this amazing BFC material.

And all this Earth 2.0 will be fully powered, fueled and Oxygen-supplied by the unlimited, cheap, and 100% clean and renewable SOH Gas.

All the FOOD needed for this Colony, could be produced in Hyper-Intensive Vertical BFC Multifloor Farms, producing up to 12 crops per year of high-quality Horticulture, or High-Protein Aquaculture, Fisheries, small Animals, etc.

All the power for heating and lighting of these Farms will be provided by our SOH Gas Technology :
4. Based on our SOH Gas Technology, we have experimented with a different Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen Gas Composition, produced by a special, ultrasonically-activated Modified Water Electrolysis method
We called this new gas Modified Oxygen-Hydrogen (MOH) Gas .

A similar gas was patented in Japan in 2008 and 2011, as Ohmasa Gas.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVwmr7WNtNA - heating buildings with MOH gas

Unlike SOH, the MOH Gas could be pressurized (200 bar and up), liquefied (1 bar / -178deg.C) and pumped in CNG / LNG tanks.

MOH is the ideal Rocket Fuel.
It is combined hydrogen and oxygen in one place .
Could be liquefied at only -178deg.C, much easier than the pure Hydrogen (-253) and Oxygen  (-219deg.C) .

See more info and links to more space applications on https://fuels.alle.bg

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